What’s involved – Research

The research project

A research project gives scholars the chance to pursue, in depth, an area of interest, with the support of an academic supervisor. Either selected from a list of topics provided by the university, or self proposed, the scholar has the overall responsibility for managing and delivering the project. The discipline of research develops intellectual rigour, project-management skills, critical thinking and the ability to communicate conclusions clearly.

The Research Supervisor will support scholars in creating a piece of work that is meaningful and robust, and which has allowed them to work independently and with others. Scholars will achieve an in-depth understanding of a subject and will develop behaviours and skills that will be invaluable in their future careers.

These projects usually take place over two summer breaks and last between four and six weeks. Each university delivering the Laidlaw Scholarship has a slightly different application process, although all of them allow applicants to propose their own research projects. Each university also offers a range of specific projects in fields in which they have expert academics to mentor and support.

The research projects allow scholars to:

  • Experience working alongside high performing academics.
  • Actively learn from the people involved as they manage and lead projects and teams.
  • Develop transferable skills and behaviours such as self-motivation, organisation, planning, drive, commitment and decision making. 
  • Explore potential careers.
  • Grow as a critical independent thinker.
  • Build confidence and the ability to work independently.
  • Enhance professional communication skills.
  • Gain access to a network of like-minded peers across the University, the UK and beyond.
  • Work alongside leading researchers to enhance academic potential.
  • Receive one-to-one mentoring from a specialist supervisor.

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