What’s involved – Networking opportunities

It’s a small world

Technology and globalisation are changing the way we work. The world is a melting pot for trade and cultural exchange, and networking is becoming ever more important.

Whether it is the ability to connect with colleagues or peers in the same room or on the other side of the world, being able to connect successfully with others is vital in getting ahead. The rich, cultural diversity of the students on the Laidlaw Scholarship gives members a world of networking opportunities – like-minded people from as far afield as St Andrews and Oxford, Hong Kong and New York. Those that go on to become leaders around the world will be able to share their experiences and expertise in the future, reinvesting in the network that becoming a Laidlaw Scholar provides access to.

This year, four international universities are joining the network, which means we will be able to offer even more cross-university working through joint partnerships, mentoring, research and support opportunities. This collaborative way of working reflects the modern workplace and will prepare scholars for a future that could be anywhere in the world.

The reputation of the Laidlaw Scholarship continues to grow and we are working towards making it an internationally recognised sign of academic excellence and true leadership potential.

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