What’s involved – Leadership training

Leadership training

Leadership skills are vital at all levels of organisations. They are not just for the Chief Executives and Managing Directors of big businesses but of course, our scholars may end up in these roles. Leadership ability is the trait that can make a scholar stand out among the hundreds of graduates that can be applying for the same job. And that is why leadership development is a critical part of the programme.

Our intensive training will help develop skills essential to a scholar’s future career, wherever in the world that leads. Each university has a varied leadership programme with different timescales and commitments. However all Laidlaw Scholars will be expected to undertake leadership activities that cover key areas such as critical self-reflection, greater understanding of others, intercultural understanding and global citizenship, communication and collaboration, problem solving and decision making. Scholars will learn about how others lead and work with peers to develop leadership solutions.

Leadership activities include:

  • Online learning
  • Leadership forums
  • Team working exercises
  • Experiential learning activities
  • Action learning sets

 Over the course of the programme scholars will develop problem-solving, influencing and effective two-way communication skills. These are essential qualities that will help scholars take a leading role in forward-thinking organisations.

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