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The Irvine Laidlaw foundation has to date committed over £10million to establish the Laidlaw Research and Leadership Programme to 13 world-leading universities. It aims to give undergraduate students in those universities an opportunity to identify a challenge of significance and contribute to its solution through research and to experience a bespoke leadership development programme that will prepare them for their future.

The selection process is a competitive one and scholars have to demonstrate the merit and viability of their proposed research project, their intellectual ability and their potential and aspiration for leadership.

Scholars conduct their research over 10-12 weeks split between two consecutive summers in their home university or one of the programme partners.

Along with building research and leadership capability, the programme also aims to build a global network of current and past scholars creating opportunities for mentorship during and after the scholarship.

The research of past scholars is extraordinary for its quality and breadth: scholars have researched plate tectonics, strategies for blocking the Zika virus and how the mandates of central banks influence their policies.

The Laidlaw Scholars have carries out their research in numerous countries including the UK, Australia, the USA, Germany, South Africa, Norway and Greece. The scholars feedback on the experience of the programme is that it is transformative and unforgettable.

Lord Laidlaw is a philanthropist and supports a wide variety of causes and education is very dear to him; he founded the Laidlaw Schools Trust in 2012 whose vision is 'to transform the lives of children and communities in the North of England, through inspirational eduction'.

"Success is not just about talent or ability: it is also about encouragement whether from the family, school or university. We need to do more to nurture young people's abilities", Lord Laidlaw writes. "I am proud of all the Laidlaw Scholars and what they achieve".

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