What’s involved – Eligibility

Entry requirements

Participating universities accept 1st and 2nd year undergraduate applications from all backgrounds and all disciplines – it adds to the diverse and vibrant mix of people scholars will meet while developing leadership skills.

Applications will be reviewed by an expert in that field and the selection process considers not just the research topic and the applicant’s academic background and achievements, but equally importantly their passion, drive, enthusiasm and ambition.

Outstanding students are shortlisted and further testing or interviews may be conducted depending on the university. Many candidates, whether successful or not, say they found the selection process to be both challenging and rewarding. This disciplined process gives every candidate the opportunity to reflect on their life goals and to think about potential career opportunities and choices. So whatever happens, applying for a Laidlaw Scholarship can help further careers.

Participating universities accept first and second year undergraduate applications each year and start recruiting in January. Most students will find out if they have been successful by the end of March. Research projects usually take place over summer and leadership development activities run at various times throughout the scholarship.

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