What’s involved – Overview

We need leaders with exceptional skills

The Laidlaw Undergraduate Research and Leadership Scholarship was established to help develop leadership potential in the world’s top students. By bringing together a group of international scholars, the programme creates an exciting, diverse and inspirational learning environment. Those taking part in the scholarship will gain knowledge in a chosen field while developing the essential skills needed as a leader.

There are three core elements to the programme: a research project, leadership training and building a network for the future. By working with an academic supervisor or a skilled and experienced research team (and in some cases both), scholars will develop their abilities in analysis, problem solving and data management. The research topic can be selected from a list provided by the university, or be self proposed as long as an academic is confirmed to supervise. 

The leadership training will complement this experience by developing the skills, behaviours and techniques of leadership. Scholars will also be encouraged to start building their networks with present and past students.

Where is the Laidlaw Scholarship available?

The Laidlaw Scholarship is currently being delivered at 10 prestigious universities with plans to bring on board 1 or 2 more international universities in 2018.

Read about the eligibility requirements and see what it takes to become a Laidlaw Scholar