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The University of Toronto joined the Laidlaw Undergraduate Research and Leadership Program in 2018 with the first group of scholars beginning their research in 2019. Funded by Lord Laidlaw and driven by his passion for student development, the scholarship at the University of Toronto aims to help students develop key skills as they aspire to be leaders in their field.

The scholarship is open to first and second year full-time undergraduate students across all three University of Toronto campuses. Students will conduct their research in two summer sessions (each research period will be 6 weeks long) over two separate academic years. In addition, all selected scholars will participate in a year-long leadership development program.

Program Benefits 

Students will benefit from the program through its three core elements:

  1. Research Project: All scholars will propose a research topic in their area of academic interest, in partnership with a research advisor who will supervise them for the duration of their research. Students will also have the opportunity to travel abroad if it suits their research project.
  2. Leadership Development and Training: Through various sessions conducted throughout the year between the two research summers, students will be provided with leadership training to solve their problem-solving and communication skills, in addition to various other competencies.
  3. Network building: Scholars will be able to work with staff and faculty at their university or at universities across the world to grow their career networks during and after their time with the Laidlaw Programme.

Program Outcomes

All scholars will be required to write a final research report after their final summer of research, consolidating their findings and speaking to the conclusions drawn over their entire research project. In addition, scholars are expected to showcase their research at an event organized by the University of Toronto Laidlaw Scholars Programme. In addition to the leadership training and networking opportunities made possible through the program, all scholars will also have the opportunity to serve as mentors for future Laidlaw Scholars on campus 

For more information about the program, including application procedures, etc. please visit the University of Toronto Laidlaw Scholars Website.

Contact Information

Shraddha Prasad, Program Coordinator (laidlaw.scholars@utoronto.ca)

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