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A pioneering leadership programme

The Scholarship aims to open up a world of opportunity for ambitious, self-motivated and forward-thinking students. This programme has been designed to give students the skills and confidence they will need to become leaders in their chosen careers by focussing on leadership, research and networking.


The comprehensive leadership programme runs across the entire year, during which students receive a studying membership of the Institute of Leadership and Management. Scholars benefit from access to an international network of researchers, support staff and fellow scholars as well as intensive training and development including:

  • Introduction to Leadership – examining and understanding what leadership is
  • Self-Leadership - setting personal development goals
  • Leadership styles – managing situations and teams
  • Leadership skills – time management and project management
  • Research methods and ethics
  • Being an effective follower as well as a leader
  • Communication skills

The leadership development includes weekend training courses in March and October and several leadership events throughout the year. In addition, leadership guest speakers, action learning sets and networking sessions run throughout the summer project time. 

Research Project Applications

The research project gives students an opportunity to report on a research topic with a research supervisor from their chosen school. It consists of two five-week summer projects completed over two consecutive summers.

Each year St. Andrews offers up to 25 Scholarships and students can apply via the "Scholarships and Funding" tab in MySaint, once applications open in November. Further information about the process and requirements are available on the Scholarship Applications page. 

 Applications will be assessed on:

  • The research development statement
  • The leadership statement
  • The Supervisor’s supporting statement
  • The student's academic record

Networking and travel

The networking element developed over time, during which Scholars will meet former graduates and other like-minded students from an international network of Laidlaw scholars.

The scholarship further encourages students to travel and work abroad, should it be relevant to their research project. This can be to study primary sources in location, or to make use of the appropriate facilities available in another country. St Andrews’ scholars also keep a travel blog that provides an insight into the experience.

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Our partner universities form a close network of research intensive institutions, who are passionate about equipping students with the skills to become leaders in their field of choice.

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