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The Laidlaw Scholarship gives undergraduate students the research, leadership and networking skills they will need to achieve their academic and professional goals in the future. This visionary programme builds on Lord Laidlaw’s commitment to supporting undergraduate student development and education.

Open to first, and some second, year applications, successful Laidlaw Scholars will attend a variety of leadership development activities during their time on the programme. A residential induction will introduce the scholars to the programme and start the leadership and skills development sessions. These will focus on networking and leadership styles, exploring values and presentation training. After this a second residential programme focuses on teambuilding. This will look at understanding team dynamics and reflecting on how different leadership styles affect groups. Finally, a third one-day leadership programme will focus on the importance of leadership to individual and organisational success. Leadership activities are embedded throughout the programme, to support the personal growth of our scholars.

The research project

All students will complete two periods of funded research across consecutive summers, each lasting 6 weeks. Students can select a project from a list of academic-led projects published in February, or can choose to define their own research project. Academic-led projects often form part of a larger research project that the supervisor is already running. Students wishing to define their own project must find a suitable member of academic staff who agrees to supervise them, and the key criteria must be met – these are listed on the University of Leeds website. Students are also encouraged to think about adding an international dimension to their scholarship, whether by spending all or part of their second summer research period in an overseas university or placement, or by attending appropriate academic conferences and other research events.

Celebrating success

All Laidlaw Scholars will be asked to write a research report after each sumer period and complete a final report or video for Lord Laidlaw on their experience of the programme and the impact it has had on them. Scholars will also be expected to showcase their work at celebration events and will have the opportunity to present their research at external events. As ambassadors of the programme students are asked to keep us updated on what they go on to achieve in the future.

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Our partner universities form a close network of research intensive institutions, who are passionate about equipping students with the skills to become leaders in their field of choice.

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