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A leadership course with a growing following

Every year more and more leading universities are offering the prestigious Laidlaw Scholarship. This scholarship aims to create the leaders of the future through a combination of training and intensive summer research periods. The programme is open to first year students of any discipline and is generously funded by Lord Laidlaw of Rothiemay. As a prestigious scholarship programme embedded at the Universities of Leeds, Oxford, UCL, York, to name just a few, the Laidlaw Programme equips students with research and leadership skills to help them pursue their academic and professional aspirations beyond their current course of study.

What students can expect

There are three elements to the Laidlaw Scholarship:

1. Research

The programme enables students to complete an intensive research internship for 8 to 10 weeks during the summer and winter breaks in Hong Kong University, University College London and the University of Leeds. Students can choose a summer project from the list which is published in early November. These usually form part of a larger research project which the supervisors are already running. Alternatively students can apply for any project that interests them - it does not even have to relate to their current area of study. However the key criteria for that project must be met – these are listed on the Hong Kong University website. Students will need to find a suitable member of academic staff to supervise them.

2. Leadership training

Laidlaw Scholars will participate in the Hong Kong University -Common Purpose Leadership Development Programme to develop their leadership skills and boost their cultural awareness. This is a global leadership development organisation that runs programmes all over the world to inspire and equip people to work internationally. The HKU-Common Purpose Leadership Development Programme will launch on campus at HKU, although most of the work will take place in Manila, capital of the Philippines, or Yangon, Myanmar.

3. Networking

Participation in the scholarship provides the opportunity to develop a network of academics and fellow scholars, past and present. Working on the research project will offer to opportunity to connect and learn from academics in a collaborative and supportive environment. Involvement in the leadership training provides the chance to meet and learn from leadership experts whilst developing communication and networking skills with fellow scholars. Seminars and university events throughout the scholarship present the opportunity to connect with academics and scholars from different faculties, universities and countries.

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Where is the Laidlaw Scholarship available?

Our partner universities form a close network of research intensive institutions, who are passionate about equipping students with the skills to become leaders in their field of choice.

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