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The University of Durham joined the Laidlaw Scholars Undergraduate Research & Leadership Programme in 2017. This visionary programme builds on Lord Laidlaw’s commitment to supporting undergraduate student development and education. It gives undergraduate students the research, leadership and networking skills they will need to achieve their academic and professional goals in the future.

Good things come in threes

There are three elements to the programme. The first is a leadership programme that leads to a management qualification. The second includes two periods of research, each lasting at least six weeks, which are designed and defined by the student. Research can be within a single discipline or be multi-disciplinary and may contain an international element. Finally, there is the mentoring and networking element that introduces students to many other likeminded, ambitious people who can help them throughout their career. The programme will also provide opportunities to meet and share ideas with Laidlaw scholars in other Universities around the UK and the world.

Successful first and second year applicants will receive a stipend of up to £6,000 over the three year duration of the programme and a set of skills that will last them throughout their careers.

Find out more about the application details and dates. You can also download the Durham University Laidlaw Scholarship Handbook for more information.

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Our partner universities form a close network of research intensive institutions, who are passionate about equipping students with the skills to become leaders in their field of choice.

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