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As the reputation of the Laidlaw Scholarship spreads, more leading universities around the world are choosing to offer this prestigious programme. The Laidlaw Scholars Undergraduate Research & Leadership Programme aims to create the leaders of the future through a mix of training and intensive summer research periods. This program is designed to let students learn from one another as well as from leaders in the academic and professional world. It supports students in their intellectual pursuits and their future growth.

Columbia College of Columbia University is delighted to be able to offer first year students the opportunity to get involved in the university’s research, working with academic staff on questions of global significance. The scholarship helps students develop and practise leadership skills in preparation for life after graduation. It enables undergraduates to become part of a network of high performing students from around the world.

The three pillars

There are three elements to the Laidlaw Scholarship:

1. Research

The programme enables students to complete two fully funded six-week periods of intensive research in the summer holidays of their first and second years of study. Students can choose a summer project from the list which is published in early November. These usually form part of a larger research project which the supervisors are running. Alternatively students can apply for any project that interests them - it does not even have to relate to their current area of study. However the key criteria for that project must be met – these are listed on the Columbia College of Columbia University website. Students will need to find a suitable member of academic staff to supervise them.

2. Leadership training

Laidlaw Scholars will attend a series of meetings – some during the summer sessions and some during the second year – which will provide training on leadership skills and attributes that can be used in a variety of settings. These meetings may take the form of workshops, trainings, retreats, and events with guest speakers, as well as mentoring opportunities between past and present Laidlaw Scholars.

3. Networking 

Participation in the scholarship provides the opportunity to develop a network of academics and fellow scholars, past and present. Working on the research project will offer the opportunity to connect and learn from academics in a collaborative and supportive environment. Involvement in the leadership training provides the chance to meet and learn from leadership experts whilst developing communication and networking skills with fellow scholars. Seminars and university events throughout the scholarship present the opportunity to connect with scholars from different faculties, universities and countries.

Sharing the vision

The vision of Lord Laidlaw of Rothiemay has made this all possible. This prestigious programme is generously funded by him and builds on his commitment to supporting undergraduate student development and education.

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