12 November 2018

St Andrews Poster Presentation

Following the first year of research projects, St Andrews students celebrated the end of the summer and the half way point of the leadership development programme with a poster presentation session. The event received much attention and was attended by many members of the wider public and the University, including the Master, Proctor, Deans and Associate Deans, past and present Laidlaw Supervisors and Scholars, and 150 senior pupils from one of our local schools - Madras College.

The picture shows our recipients of the poster awards (from left to right:
Laura Nebout [Highly Commended], Simona Mezzina [Highly Commended], Juanita Maria Barreto Monje [Winning Poster for Arts & Divinity], Lot Koopmans [Winning Poster for Science & Medicine], Katie Delahooke [Highly Commended])

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