21 October 2018

A year in review - York University

In June 2017 York became part of a growing global network of Laidlaw Universities producing their first cohort of Laidlaw scholars.

Although all Laidlaw universities offer a leadership program, York provide Scholars the opportunity to undertake a Certificate in Leadership and Management with the Chartered Management Institute at Level 5. Each Scholar undertakes a two-day development centre, including observed leadership tasks, a personality profile and an individual coaching session which provides each Scholar with a comprehensive feedback report and development plan. This plan is reviewed throughout the Scholarship and forms the basis of a personal career action plan upon graduation. 

“It’s challenged me, taught me how to work with others and has even made me consider a future career that involves management - something I hadn’t considered before.”
Rebecca Lowndes, 2017-8 Laidlaw Scholar

The cohort’s second leadership programme took part in a community day at York Cemetery in March 2018, to build teamwork and leadership skills but also to consider their personal impact in line with the social change model of leadership. There was great feedback from this day both from Scholars and from the volunteer-led Cemetery who were very impressed with what the group were able to achieve.

100% of Scholars who completed the impact survey said they'd recommend the Scholarship to other students and all had used some or all of the skills developed on the leadership programme. 

York have seen 6 of their scholars co-author papers that have been published (or are in the process of being published) in peer reviewed publications. Many of the York students have also gone on to present their research at national or international academic conferences.

“I now feel well prepared for the workplace, with enough understanding of my preferences to be able to find work I want to be doing and the confidence to say no to an opportunity if it is not right for me at that time. I’ll also have a management qualification to prove to employers that I have this knowledge and discipline. I will stand out from the crowd of other graduates with these attributes and it has already assisted in getting an offer to study at Masters level.”
Bethany White, 2017-8 Laidlaw Scholar



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