12 November 2018

2018 European Laidlaw Conference St Andrews

The last weekend of October saw 118 Scholars and Staff from throughout the Laidlaw network visit the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Representation from Leeds, York, Durham, Oxford, UCL, St Andrews, Trinity and Tufts enjoyed guest lectures, leadership debates and many networking opportunities.

Speakers included Dr Sean Talamas from The Character Lab, speaking about the crossover between character/leadership and scientific research, Dr Cath Bishop sharing experiences from her career as an Olympic Rower and UK diplomat and the self-leadership it required, and Dr David Erdal outlining his own leadership journey which was heavily influenced by his experiences with employee ownership in companies. Scholars also gathered to attend a series of leadership discussions and networked during a late afternoon tour of St Andrews before enjoying a Scottish themed, celebratory dinner at the University’s Lower College Hall. Before heading back home with a network of new contacts across the Laidlaw programme, conference attendees visited the newly opened V&A in Dundee on the Sunday.

We hope everyone enjoyed visiting St Andrews and Scotland and look forward meeting at the next Laidlaw Conference!

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