Below are some frequently asked questions and answers but in some cases, the participating universities are the best source of information as they each implement the Scholarship slightly differently.

Q. Is this programme only for academics or for industry-focused people?
A. The objective of the Scholarship is to help facilitate the development of leaders across all fields.

Q. Can I propose a research project unrelated and from a different faculty to the one I am studying in?
A. Yes, but be aware you need to consult with your supervisor and programme leader.

Q. What happens if I am unable to complete my portion of research during the allotted time?
A. You would need to report on what has been completed up until that point.

Q. Is it possible to travel abroad as part of the programme and/or research project?
A. Yes, as long as it is relevant to the project you are doing.

Q. Can I still do a summer placement?
A. As long as it is outside of the 5/6 week research period, yes.

Q. How will I balance the work involved in the programme with my undergraduate studies?
A. Contact the programme leader at your university who will help, and may put you in touch with past Scholars who can give help and advice based on their own experiences.

Q. What happens if I leave the programme or leave/defer from University?
A. Depending on the circumstances, if you leave the Scholarship the funding will cease.

Q. Will I get a chance to meet Lord Laidlaw?
A. He tries to visit Scholar events throughout the year but cannot guarantee attendance.

Q. Can I meet previous Scholars?
A. Yes, either by appointment or by attending a Laidlaw Scholars event or university fair where Scholars are running an information stall.


Below are some commonly asked questions to which the answers vary depending on the university:
Who can apply and how?
Do I gain a recognised qualification from the Leadership training?
What types of research projects are acceptable?
Can my research be taken forward and form part of my dissertation in my third year?
What accommodation is available during the summer period?
How much funding will I get and how is it broken down and delivered?

You can visit the university pages to find answers to these questions and the appropriate point of contact.