What’s involved in the Laidlaw Research and Leadership Undergraduate Scholarship?

The Laidlaw Scholarship equips outstanding undergraduate students with the research, thinking and leadership skills to deliver to their full potential and fulfill their career ambitions across a diverse range of disciplines.

Delivering on Lord Laidlaw’s vision the scholarship comprises two main elements: leadership development and an intensive research project.




Benefits of being a Laidlaw Scholar
Doing the Laidlaw Scholarship
Supporting on the Scholarship

There is a wide range of benefits associated with undertaking the Laidlaw Scholarship.

As a Laidlaw Scholar you will:

    • Receive a well paid bursary of around £400 per week for the duration of your research project (likely to be between 8-12 weeks).
    • Have the opportunity to design and develop a research project in an area of your choosing and which will add value to your studies.
    • Be involved in an intensive leadership development programme which will develop skills essential to your future career.
    • Be mentored by an esteemed academic in a leading research-intensive university.
    • Have the opportunity to ‘give back’ by mentoring new scholars and becoming a member of the Laidlaw Alumni.
    • Be part of, and have access to, a wide network of UK-based and international Laidlaw Scholars.
    • Have the chance to undertake part of your research project in an overseas university allowing you to experience living and working in a different culture.

Already doing the Laidlaw Scholarship?

Congratulations for getting a place on the programme.

We are developing a log-in area of the website just for you. It will include more information about what research projects Laidlaw Scholars are undertaking from other universities along with ways in which you can make contact with other scholars. In this section there will also be links to other resources not available on the public site.

The log-in section of the site is coming soon

The Laidlaw Undergraduate Research and Leadership Scholarship provides proactive students with the skills, knowledge and values to become influential leaders in their chosen future careers.

A critical part of the scholarship is for the student to design and develop an intensive research project in an area of interest. Whilst the universities delivering the programme have varying criteria on how they select their students and deliver their scholarships, research projects tend to last for 8-12 weeks in duration and take place during the Summer break. Scholars receive a generous bursary of around £400 per week for the duration of their project.

All students must work closely with an academic member of staff in order to design and deliver their research projects. This member of staff is called the Research Mentor and must agree to the student’s proposal that they submit as part of their application to undertake the Laidlaw Scholarship.

Some of the benefits of becoming a Research Mentor include:

  • The opportunity to work with and support ambitious students as they undertake an original research project.
  • Being part of a network of UK-wide and international mentors with increased opportunities of working collaboratively with other universities.
  • The possibility of receiving a bursary towards your department’s work (to be confirmed by the university delivering the scholarship).
  • The chance for you, your students and the department to be featured in profile-raising opportunities throughout the duration of the programme.

Individual universities will have more specific criteria and information in place on the role of the Research Mentor. To see which universities are delivering the programme see Applying and Selection.