Constantly advancing technologies and globalisation has led to a more interconnected world with increased opportunities for trade and cultural exchanges. This, along with more flexible working methods, means that networking is a skill that most people now need in the workplace. Whether it’s the ability to connect with colleagues or peers in the same room or on the other side of the world, being able to interact successfully with others is vital in getting ahead.

As well as developing your leadership skills, the Laidlaw Scholarship provides great networking opportunities. If selected you will be part of a network of scholars not only within your university but across the whole Laidlaw network.

In 2018 the programme will become truly international with the recruitment of a number of international universities from across the globe. Our aim in the future is to offer more cross-university working through joint partnerships and mentoring, research and support opportunities across UK and international locations and this network will facilitate this.

This collaborative way of working emulates the world of work, broadening students’ horizons and offering them the chance to live and work in a different setting and culture.

Our ambition is to build a global network of exceptional future leaders, which through collaboration, community and continuing development will grow individually and collectively.