In today’s challenging world there is more and more competition for graduate jobs. Some employers’ graduate schemes have hundreds of applications for every position and a degree alone often isn’t enough to secure the perfect role.

As an undergraduate looking for a job having strong leadership skills will help you to deliver to your full potential and give you added value as a prospective employee.

Leadership skills aren’t just for the Chief Executives and Managing Directors of big businesses, they are critical skills that can help you to engage and influence others and are a valuable asset for you to take to any organisation.

This is why the leadership development aspect of the Laidlaw Scholarship is a critical part of the programme. If selected you will participate in an intensive leadership development programme which will develop skills essential to your future career –

whatever direction it takes.

Each university delivering the Laidlaw Scholarship has a varied leadership programme with different timescales and commitments. However all Laidlaw Scholars will be expected to undertake leadership activities that lead to common outcomes and cover key areas such as leadership styles and communication skills.

You will learn about how others lead and work with peers to develop leadership solutions.

Leadership activities incorporated in the programme include:

  • Coaching and mentoring
  • An individual Leadership Development plan
  • Online learning
  • Leadership forums
  • Teamwork
  • Classroom based activities
  • Action learning

The leadership development activity you undertake on the Laidlaw Scholarship will develop a wide range of skills including problem solving, influencing and successful two-way communication skills – all essential skills that will give you that added extra, valuable to every organisation.