The Laidlaw Scholarship is delivered on an annual basis with the application process taking place between January and March at most of the universities delivering the programme, with students finding out if they have been successful by the end of March. Research projects tend to take place over the Summer break and leadership development activities run at various times throughout the scholarship.

Whilst the application and recruitment process at each university varies slightly, each process is thorough and rigorous with applications being reviewed by experts across each field of study.

The application and selection process considers the research topic identified, the academic background and achievements to date but also the leadership potential and ambition of each candidate and the potential for the scholarship to enable and enhance the longer term development and achievement in that chosen field.

Outstanding students are shortlisted and interviews and testing may happen at some universities. Many candidates, whether successful or not, have reported that they found the selection process to be both challenging and rewarding.

The thorough application process provides students with the opportunity to reflect on their life goals, their achievements to date and to think about potential career opportunities and choices.

Universities may have different eligibility criteria in order to apply for the Laidlaw Scholarship (depending on if you are in a 3 or 4 year undergraduate programme). To find out more information about the scholarship at your university please see the links below.